Teachers’ Day Celebration 2009

I was never able to return to my former secondary school for Teachers’ Day celebration since my polytechnic days. Thereafter, army and work had disrupted all my plans.

Last Monday’s Teachers’ Day celebration was quite disappointing. I was not expecting much but at least not students skipping school just to go back to their secondary schools. There was celebration in their current school and yet they did not even want to turn up. It clearly showed the weightage of the two schools to them – the former and the current.

Since I did not step into the classrooms regularly, I did not really mind but felt sorry for the rest of the staffs.

However, there were better incidents to be dwelled on. The first thing in the morning to see presents were really heart-warming. Wee Lian had given me a keychain while Diana excited me with a book on the classroom lectures of Yu Dan on Confucius. The book was in English while I already had the videos and contents in Chinese and it was an unexpected joy for me. The boss and big boss had never run out of ideas to give away presents during celebrations.

Hirman was the chairperson for the Teachers’ Day celebration community. Everyone pinned very high hopes on him due to his usual drive, joyous character and creativity. Somehow I wished he had not done it as well as we had anticipated for some of us had to embarrass ourselves with the Michael Jackson dance. It was terrifically fun.

It was definitely my last celebration.


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