VIP to the Max – Very Inconsiderate People

Everyone needs freedom, but freedom does not come easy when we have to consider for others. Each time, we should put ourselves in other people’s shoes.

What is so difficult about following a big group of friends to different stations when the initiate plan is to go and leave together? There is no rule to stay closely together, but at least, simply within the same location. What is so difficult about doing it? Why do people have to go opposite directions to disrupt the plan?

Can the entire group split into smaller groups to scatter around the big site? How bad would communication be when there are thousands of people walking around at the foreign place? What is the use of the tour guide then?

Are you proud to be the odd ones out? Are you trying to attract attention by such unique yet irritating manner? Oh yes, it is definitely easier to outshine by doing irritating things than to do things that benefit others.

If you were to lead a company of soldiers, they would perish due to your attitude and immature decisions. If you were just a normal soldier, you would cause the entire company to perish as well, because you simply do not follow instructions.

The funniest thing is to behave the opposite from disciplined soldiers inside an army camp. What a shame.


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