Volleyball and Late Dinner at Newton

I had a great Thursday after so many months of dull days. I stayed alone inside the office until Tze Khit called me. I met him up at the canteen before Kachua joined us.

Volleyball was fun. I felt good that I did not do as lousy as the previous time to disgrace myself again. My team lost most of the matches but we played with fighting spirit, which was more than satisfactory.

We went to Newton for late dinner and I started digging into the remaining of my chicken cutlet, which Weitat bought for me just right before the volleyball game.

It was the first time I took Tze Khit’s van and Kachua’s Malaysian car, on the way to the hawker centre and then my house.

It was one of the greatest nights ever with the companion of so many volleyball-mates. Even though we were lack of many others and could never get together in a larger group, the night was awesome enough.


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