Cross Department Outing

Tuesday was the joint department lunch. It was good to have more people together, even though not everyone was really filling the atmosphere correctly.

Jingkun dropped Dorothy and I somewhere near the Pizza Hut restaurant at Clementi before he went for lunch with Mei Hoe. We had a filling lunch and the best thing was that we needed not care about footing the bill this time. The staffs were kept busy by us and it was all messy.

After lunch, we moved over to the K-Box opposite. Dorothy, Kevin and my initial plan was to stay for an hour, from 2pm to 3pm. Dorothy, however, got hyperactive again and dragged on. The remaining of us stayed until 5pm before we went back to the campus.

I accompanied Hirman to Orchard Shopping Centre. Since he was early for his dinner appointment, we took a walk at the Hereen.


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