Helpless in the Dream

Because the horror was going to begin again, my emotion was all tensed up, mixed and lost.

Last Friday morning, I woke up a couple of times and in the midst of one of the sleeps, I had a dream, or rather, a nightmare.

I was on my way to work and I felt weak out of a sudden. My discomfort halted me at around Queenstown. I seemed to collapse and lost my conscious until more than four hours later and I was extremely late for work. I was not feeling well still and since Mei Hoe stayed nearby, I tried to contact her but to no avail. I was panic because it was ridiculous for me to be late for work for almost half the day. Somehow, I managed to meet up with some friends later and I was brought to a weird building or sheltered bridge. Everyone was dashing through it and I wanted to make it back to the office fast, hence joined in the run. It was not an uncommon scenario where my legs could not catch up with my mind; no matter how much energy I used, I could barely cover a few centimeters.

It was one of the worst feelings I had and had been encountering in my dreams where I was too helpless to do anything.


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