IKEA, Anchor Point and Volleyball

Kachua arrived at the college early from work and we went off to IKEA for dinner. The special meal for the day was fried dory fish. It was in fact quite normal and overpriced, but I liked the simplicity.

We walked around the furniture department on the second level and my sights were on the chairs and sofas, which were too big for my house. The entire place was freezing and I regretted changing into my shorts and slippers. The coldness almost made my toes cramp. We went to Anchor Point after that for a quick shopping before buying a hotdog bun back for Jingkun.

The games were quite nice. Eventually, we did not go out for supper. I was glad that Kachua was around because I would get a free lift. This time, we met David on the way to the gate and Kachua offered to give him a lift as well, dropping him at Pasir Panjang Road.


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