Volleyball Friendly Match

I finally got to play volleyball again, missing the previous week’s session due to my FYP meeting.

I was utterly wrecked even before the game because of the ultimate lack of sleep and my two continuous days of chin-ups before reporting to the office in the morning. I totally sucked at chin-ups already, being only able to struggle to get the count of ten with the laptop inside my bag.

Mingfa came down earlier to meet Weitat and I. After we went to Weitat’s house to get his stuffs, we went to IMM to join up with Kachua. Dinner was the Ah Mei café’s roti prata with their iced milk tea. We walked around for a while before going back to the campus for the game.

We had another team, Sports Right, coming down and thus it was more crowded than usual. We had to take turns to play and I could only get to play four sets in total. I was totally exhausted after my first game. When the ball went very high, my head was spinning. My entire body was weak and both my shoulders were aching. My leg almost cramped. But at least, I was quite satisfied with my overall performance. My team played calmly until the last game. Wilson did extremely well.

I was lucky that Kachua was around and he sent me home.


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