Beautiful Marina Barrage

On Sunday, Jeremy fell sick and thus we cancelled our FYP meeting at around noon time. The new show “Plan A”, replacing “Legendary of Bruce Lee”, on channel 8 from 11am to 1pm was nice. It was led by Dicky Cheung (Zhang Wei Jian) and thus I could see the “fun” in the show.

The weather was strange like the past few weeks; the sky was dark but it refused to pour. I left my house after 6.30pm for a jog to my favourite place – Marina Barrage. It was the latest time I had ever set off and the sky was beautiful, though quite threatening.

After camping in front of the laptop for the past two days, my joints were hardened and my lower back was aching. The jog hurt my lower back and thus I was slowed down. Nevertheless, I took 20.5 minutes to complete the journey, which was almost half a minute faster than the previous trip.

The weather was cooler than ever and my sweat dried up within less than five minutes, or rather, probably around two minutes. There were many pairs of couples around, spreading enviousness. I lay down by the side of the grass and the whistling of the dashing wind added happiness to the beautiful painting. I was very reluctant to leave.

When I got down to the ground level, I saw a gallery by the side of the Gallery Café at level 2. Being curious, I went in to enjoy the air-conditioner. The place was nicely done up.

My legs were going to cramp anytime but I continued my journey back in full speed. It was probably the fastest return-trip timing I had created at 20 minutes 46 seconds, which was just 16 seconds slower than my earlier journey to the Barrage.


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