Beautiful Start of the Day

I started off yesterday morning in great delight. I met the cute QA students and Julian kept me entertained throughout the way from Clementi MRT station to the campus. Another great thing was to witness the bus driver going down to help the wheel-chaired student up the bus. Great people made life beautiful.

I proceeded straight to the chin-up bar for the first time this week and managed to complete another set of 12 pulls. I did not know I could do it since my entire body was still weak from the body checkup the day before. I did not expect Chi Chiang to witness my pathetic struggle in my bag containing the laptop.

I went for early lunch with Jingkun. His timetable was quite different from the rest and I was not bothered for the day. We went to West Coast together and even though we chatted quite a lot, we actually took shorter time than usual.

I found myself a normal classroom to avoid all the noises and especially the freezing air-conditioner. Having spent the afternoon with the new project and some aliasing of work, until four plus, Weiming asked me to help him to close the lab. I ended up debugging PHP codes for them and suddenly, Weitat called me to inform me there was a meeting going on.

I was very late for the meeting and when I opened the door, the big bosses were around to give me a shock.


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