Body Fats 8.5%

Yesterday, the most interesting event was the body checkup conducted by the Fitness Training students. When Joy found out that Felina’s body fat was actually more than what we had expected, she changed her mind and asked me to go down together with her for the test.

It started with the normal height and weight test, measuring of body fats and blood pressure, followed by the heart beat and biceps strength test. All was good for me except that I had to do exercises that could help to increase the oxygen intake for my body. My body fat was 8.5%, which amazed the rest of them, but Dorothy nagged that I should eat more since anything below 8% was unhealthy for a guy.

The sit-and-reach test for my maximum of 30 centimetres strained my chest muscle for I had not done that for very long. Lastly, the half squat leaning on the wall almost destroyed me entire at the beginning since I had tired my legs in the early morning. However, since Joy was holding it well for 3 minutes 8 seconds, I pressed on the trembling to beat her timing so that I would not “throw my face”.

I had lunch together with Meihoe, Dorothy, Weitat and Daniel at the usual “Dead end”.

Chi Chiang waited for my lesson to end at 5pm so as to give me a ride on his bike. Slicing through the wind was very comfortable.


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