Celebrated My Mum’s Second Birthday

On Tuesday, my mum wanted to dine together. I was not in the mood without my girlfriend. It had also been weeks of lack of sleep for me to enjoy anything. We went to the coffee shop near Duxton Place, along Neil Road when my younger brother was returning home from school. I was not in favour of that place except that it was nearer than Chinatown.

My mum started ordering happily to her liking and I was too irritated to even look at the ladyboss. We had a very full dinner. The ladyboss tried to chit-chat with us by showing off her sons.

After the dinner, we started our usual “guess the bill” game. I made the highest bet at $48 but it turned out to be $58 instead. I won the game even though it was a far $10 difference. Everyone was unhappy with the high price but I was not really amazed since I remembered we complained not to go there anymore for the food was costly.

I did not bother to pay my mum back the money for the food like the previous times because I felt the night was really lousy.


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