Handwriting Analysis for Nicole Lee

You have very negative outlook in life, and generally think life sucks; something which is not been very well for you. However, there is something good in you, and also some hope.

You need to find something that makes you feel positive in life; your partner must try to find it for you. Maybe, he can help to influence you in you in your hobby or something you are good in, and your outlook in life will change.

You are not very good in money.

Very strong and private things have happened and you don’t share much about your personal life. You are very quiet and whatever you are portraying may not be your true self.

You have some career-mindedness and you want to prove that you can succeed. You should think more positively in your smaller successes in life. Your partner should come in to help you and then you probably can turn around.

You are careful with words. However, you can also be very rash, such that you say things you don’t mean and even slam phone. You have a bit of temper. You are stubborn, but not very extreme. Stubborn can be good, such that people can’t influence you easily.

There are some uncertainties in you and you are lack of confidence. You are indecisive.

Career – You don’t know what you want to do yet. However, try not to do something that has to do with confidentially such as financial or Human Resource (HR).

Analyzed on 02 November, 2009.


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