Hangover at Zaki’s Place

Staying over at Zaki’s place, at Parc Emily, over Friday night was great. Basically, he made me realized true friends were always there to help no matter what. He was not even scare of me puking all over his place like how Hirman did the previous time.

I slept early on his bed. My head was spinning with pain and my mood was unstable. I woke up around twice at nine plus and three plus due to my phone. Other than that, it was one of the longest duration I had slept for the past few years.

He walked me to the coffee shop nearby to have roti prata together. Afterwards, he cleaned up the house while I played with his cat. Then, we walked from his place to Funnan Centre and I finally got to know how centralized his place was. I was tempted by an Acer laptop Aspire 4736 at the price of $1200.

Next, we went to Raffles’ City to do his groceries, where I picked up a few skills from him in selecting food and fruits.

I probably needed a few weekends of staying over there in order to recuperate from all these years’ fatigue, especially the recent stress. The tranquility was tempting.


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