Happy Belated Birthday to me!

None of my birthdays I would anticipate like this year’s somehow. I told myself it was either the best or the worst ever.

I began the night staying up with girlfriend since she was studying. I did not sleep for long just like any night. There was a meeting during lunchtime with nasi lemak provided and thus, Weitat and I did not go out for lunch with the rest. Dorothy was pressing me to go out for dessert after our meeting but I wanted to help Xiao Mei and Zaki with the SYOG trial run. I received my first present on the table, which was a gold pedal and I felt uneasy even though I was very close with the person.

I met up with my girlfriend at Choa Chu Kang, just nice to catch each other at the interchange. After waiting for her to get changed, we crossed over to Sunshine place to rent two movies. On the way, I was melted when she showed me her rings on the fingers, one was a heart shape and another four “S”, “K”, “A” and “I”. Next, we had a long sweet journey on bus 172 towards Jurong Point. After that we took the train down to my place. The “I” ring went missing on the train and we were so disappointed that we had not taken pictures.

Before we started watching the movies, both of us had dozed off. I had predicted it since we were totally deprived of sleep. However, I did not sleep for long. It was a simple yet enjoyable birthday spent with my girlfriend, which I was satisfied enough to witness her most natural looks, inclusive of weird sounds. Pigs were cute.

I managed to send her home again. Though the night was supposed to end very late, the timing was pushed early from 1am to 12am and finally to 10pm. I could not ask for more.

It was a fake love, but I enjoyed it.


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