I made Mockery

I finally dated my girlfriend out after not seeing her for four days.

When she messaged me online, I replied her slow. And when she mentioned she was going to reach the destination early, I told her I was leaving my house. When she nearly reached the place, I had not even boarded the bus. She even tried to send me a message in case I would be thinking that she was angry, but I did not reply her.

After we met up, I told her I was going to have dinner with another girl I met online. It was 5.30pm and my date was at 8pm.

She had plans for the evening – getting movie tickets, having a good dinner together with me and playing at the arcade, which I enjoyed so much. At least, I knew beforehand we had agreed to catch a movie.

I was busy all along, holding my phone, calling other girls and replying SMSes.

My girlfriend looked very sad and disappointed. I suggested going to play pool, which she accepted just because of me.

On the bus, she knocked onto my ear, which was swollen after I pierced despite her disapproval, simply to remind myself of the pain given by my ex-girlfriend.

During the game, I did not stop replying SMSes from the girls. It was a less than an hour of game before I had to rush off to meet the girls. I continued to enjoy the messages from the girls on the bus in front of my disappointed girlfriend.

I said sorry uncountable times that night, knowing I would do it again.

Would you ever put yourself in others’ shoes and think of how they would feel? Would you not do something that you do not want others to do to you?


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