Injured – Finally Physically Again

Yesterday morning, it rained heavily, just like my mood. I was drenched badly and my entire pant was soaked. It was an uncomfortable morning.

Weitat left for his Exams, Dorothy and Daniel went for Healthy Lifestyle program at Simei, whereas Mei Hoe took her lunch with Vivian. Jingkun and I met up with Zaki, Eunice and Christine for lunch. Joy was joining us but she changed her mind on the way. We were waiting at the carpark, worrying for her as it was raining heavily.

It was a good lunch. I had the dory fish meal and the mashed potato was fantastic. After that, I took a daring try on the soft ice-cream at the level one when I was already sick.

During the afternoon’s meeting, my boss amazingly cut down many unnecessary works on the new website and also simplified it. We had great laugh over it but I was quite worried of the tight schedule. I would have visited the doctor if not for the meeting.

I was the last man to leave the office. I made way for the Indian man to close everything, moving myself down to the canteen to continue with my work while feeding the mosquitoes. I almost finished off the main components of a love story but it could be too sensitive and “dark” to be uploaded into my website.

The MPH was crowded. The Philippinos, Wong Engineering, Jurong Central CSC and the uncles made four teams; whereas, my side could almost form two teams.

During my second set of game, while saving a ball at position one, I thrust diagonally upwards to the maximum. I managed to save the ball but could not land well and both my right elbow and upper thigh was injured. There was an immediate swollen on the elbow near the joint, whereas I could feel weakness on my leg. The game did not stop but I started using underarm serving and surprisingly managed to score many points. I did not get to touch the ball many times after that and we lost the game.

It was a very long wait outside the court. They could not confirm whether they wanted to have supper together after the game and thus, I stayed on. I had my last game but my team’s strength was extremely weaker than the Jurong Central CSC side. We started losing points very early. Since winning was never on my mind, I was able to play freely, giving the opponent the best I could. I was able to give a couple of good spike in my injuries and tiredness from the past few days’ workouts.

Alas, they decided not having dinner and I left home by myself before 11pm, staggering my way towards the MRT station. My dinner was instant bowl noodle.


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