ITE Career Fair and Volleyball in sickness

I could not escape taking the kids to Simei ITE. At first, I was supposed to replace George but his meeting was postponed and thus I was free. Just the night before, I was tasked to go since Bernard was sick, but luckily that was my favourite class. I missed the opportunity to hang out with QB though.

I reached early at 8am. Kevin came over to consult me. He related about his past experience, which could happen to me in near future.

The bus driver, uncle Tan, was very friendly. Criz was late and Alan was even worse, however, uncle Tan agreed to pick him up at Clementi MRT station before turning to AYE. The girls knew I was not in very good mood but they triggered more onto me with all the questions.

We met up with the rest before going up to the hall. None of the booths had anything for degree holders since it was meant for ITE students. The only thing that attracted me was the free notepad from NCS. While some of the girls were being interviewed for the Sentosa crew job, we stood near the booth for Yunnan Haircare, where many girls from probably a beautician related course came over and some were very cute and pretty.

We went to the canteen for their lunch and my brunch. I bought a plate of lemon chicken rice and started filling my stomach with the soup while waiting for the rest. They bought a piece of cake for Criz to celebrate his birthday and he was very cute throughout the celebration.

At around noon, we rushed off to board the bus and had some phototaking fun inside. The driver took us a tour before going back to pick up Nicholas’ retail class. After reaching the campus, I went off. Due to all the delay, my plan to visit the Chinese physician failed. I went home straight away to rest my weak body even though I slept longer than usual the night before.

I woke up at five plus in the afternoon, cleared email and rushed off to the campus. Flu had caught me and I felt weaker than before. I was minutes earlier before my bosses were leaving and the Indian guy was waiting there to lock the office up. I picked up my sports gears and talked to my bosses while going down. The canteen auntie reached and she gave me free sandwiches again, which I shared all with the rest of the volleyball players.

The game started but my legs were giving ways due to the jog the evening before. My cough had worsened and I felt feverish. My knuckle was still giving me problems. It was not so bad until Mingfa left the court after coach Michael Ong arrived; I was too used to his setting pattern to coordinate with others.

I was not only aching and sick, but also pressurized by Michael Ong’s presence. I felt quite irritated due to my poor performance in front of him because all along I wanted to prove him I could do better than what he thought.

Kachua and I left right after ten since he had to send his girlfriend home. We went to Sembawang and dined at a coffee shop. I took a plate of chicken wing rice from “Happy Chicken” and the taste was quite okay. After which, he dropped his girlfriend in front of her flat and sent me to his office where I walked home.


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