Jogged in Injuries and under the Rain

On Saturday, I started the morning earlier than usual. Just as I was enjoying myself in the C&C game, my mum asked me if I wanted to go and visit the doctor. I went alone to the Chinese physician for the first time, having a long queue outside.

After that, I went to the POSBank and was punished by the extremely long and slow queue. When it was my turn, I told the lady I wanted to change my ATM card and she claimed that I had to foot $5 for it. immediately, I asked her to upgrade my card to the “Go!” card and thus, the fee was waived off. I wanted to do it since long ago but I did not have a more complicated signature. On the spot, I had to come out with a new one, which I could have forgotten how I would sign it in future.

Before I went home, I went to find my hairdresser to book a schedule at 5.30pm. I had some naps before I went down to get my hair trimmed neatly again.

In the evening, I went for a jog towards my favourite place under the dark sky. I was probably insane to proceed in my body and the weather’s condition. I dragged on my injured right thigh and ankle, struggling since the start of the trip; the past few days of working-out had almost drained my energy completely. One of the greatest problems was that the Chinese medicine seemed to create stomachache for me to release all the toxic inside my body and I felt so uncomfortable throughout.

It started drizzling when I reached the place where there were many coaches around to fetch tourists. Though I took 31 minutes from Shenton Way to reach there, the sun had almost set off since I started off late. Kite-flying was as usual, together with large groups of people. There was a birthday celebration among a group of people, girls wearing gorgeous dresses and the guys seemed very fortunate. There were families and couples but no lonely soul except me.

The journey back took me even longer, increasing the timing by another three minutes. Luckily, the rain did not pour heavily on me. I was famine on the way but there was nothing much I could do. The jog was a test to my limit and I knew I should continue to push myself in all aspects of life. I could do it.

After reaching home, my mum was the only person around and she started nagging that my brothers and my elder brother’s girlfriend had gone out for dinner despite she had cooked porridge with lots of extra ingredients such as bean curd and mushroom.


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