Loving You isn’t Enough

Love you is the greatest failure of my life. But if I can’t make you happy, it’s worse than losing you. I have done my best for you, and if you don’t appreciate or listen to me, that’s it. I can only sit back and wish you well. I have learnt that I’m not a saint and I can’t do everything. Though it’s my dream to give you the best of life, dreams usually succeed only when asleep. I love you deep but you can’t feel it till now. Maybe some other guys can do it better than me and I really hope so. I will miss your kisses and hugs, and especially your smiles. I will never forget you, not even your motion and the way you talk. Thanks for trying with me and trying to change your messy way of life. Love you.

All I hope for is the same like when I refused to admit my affection for you in the past – I need you to stay happy, love yourself and make your life meaningful.


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