My Belated Birthday Lunch

Yesterday’s lunch was almost a mess again. Dorothy insisted on celebrating my belated birthday together with Hirman’s after we had delayed it for very long.

Daniel, Weitat, Meihoe and I made the advanced party down to West Coast Plaza. Dorothy arrived next, followed by Jingkun. We almost thought Hirman and Kevin could not make it due to invigilation and we could have wasted the food we had preordered for them. Alas, they made it down.

When Jingkun mentioned about the latest rape case in Singapore, my mind almost went blank. The worries seemed to penetrating into me again.

It was quite a rush lunch since Hirman had an event to handle, whereas Meihoe needed to go for badminton competition. We could not really sit down to enjoy the meal while chit-chatting. Even for the cake cutting session was too quick that I felt the atmosphere was really weird. Hirman sent Meihoe back to the campus and the rest of us left soon.

Nevertheless, it was a rare get-together with Kevin and Hirman’s presence. It was a good-willed planning from Dorothy, who even made the effort to email us early in the morning for the arrangement. It was my fault in fact for I denied the birthday dinner from them on my actual birthday when everyone was free.


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