New but Not Really New Laptop

I went to the IT fair at Expo yesterday with my younger brother, elder brother and his girlfriend. My stomach was bloated after the lunch at the Tanjong Pagar hawker centre. I regretted not being more determined to resume the visit to the Chinese physician.

There were many sweet salesgirls over there, which was quite distracting.

We were looking around at all brands such as Fujitsu, Acer, HP, Dell, Sony, and Toshiba… etc. In the end, my younger brother was captivated by a HP tablet laptop and a light weighted Acer normal laptop. He chose the latter since my elder brother advised we should just focus on getting whatever we wanted instead of being tempted by other interesting features. We chose the Acer one.

I wanted to get a simple laptop since I had to return the current one to my office after end of the year. My younger brother was using a powerful system he bought from NUS and he offered to exchange it with me for a lower-end laptop since he would only need one for his science report and surfing net.


I wanted to get the Acer laptop from a net friend who I realized was working there but somehow she was too busy to reply me the night before. I could not recognize her in the big exhibition hall and thus I gave up the idea because I would not want to go all the way there again.

After that, we walked around a sportswear warehouse sale where I saw a nice black Deuter back pack, compact enough to hold a laptop. It cost $79 and I gave it up, feeling the ache.

The MRT was crowded with people as well. We chose to go to the opposite direction instead, to the airport. My elder brother and his girlfriend decided on the Xin Wang Hong Kong Café and we had a long queue outside.

The waitress was cute and impressive on her memory. She had memorized the entire menu and thus, once we gave her the number of the food item, she could double confirm with us using the names. I ordered a plate of luncheon meat noodle for my throat was not feeling well.


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