Second Day of My Birthday

When I reached office, I saw a birthday present and a muffin on my desk. The tie was my second birthday present and I was very touched by Hirman. The muffin was from my dear Xiao Mei – Joy.

Lunch was at West Coast Plaza. Conversation was as messy as the fish market like usual but this time, the topic “friend” was too unbearable to hit on. Mei Hoe told me to “put down the chair” but she did not do it herself.

In the late afternoon, Hirman caught me in the office and told me he was going to town area and thus I decided to hop onto his car. Christine joined us since she was going Ions to meet her husband. I went in search of “red packet” with Hirman afterwards for he left his inside the office. After walking around Paragon and Lucky Plaza, we finally went back to the hotel and got one for free.

Jeremy and Andy could not make it for the FYP meeting. I had to cancel my volleyball session again and I could have met up with girlfriend if she was free instead. The remaining three of us proceeded. It was a lousy night for I was pinched by headache.


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