The Cathay Starbucks Filled with Babes

The cloud could hold it so well that the sky was grey since early afternoon and it started pouring right after I got home after 5pm, such that I could not make it to the Marina Barrage after my FYP.

Nevertheless, it was quite an enjoyable afternoon at The Cathay’s Starbucks because basically, there were babes everywhere.

We took the sofa seats at the corner and there was a girl-next-door babe just a table away. Further away, near the more sofa area, there was a very girly girl sitting alone by herself. There was a time when a group of young girls were waiting outside near the taxi stand, and one of them was a sunshine girl, seducing me in her gorgeous dress. After changing seats with Soon Siong, I saw another two babes at the external Starbucks area.

The Cathay was a big distracting place, though, really good for mind-relaxing.


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