Ton at Bianhong’s House Again

In the early Monday, I did not feel like leaving Choa Chu Kang and thus I tried to contact Bianhong. He responded fast and told me to meet up at the MRT control station. After buying drinks at the 7-11, I grabbed a packet of chicken rice at the coffee shop nearby before walking to Street 51 – It was of walking distance away from Avenue 3.

His mum was inside the living room and greeted me almost instantly when I walked in. I felt so ashamed of myself for not visiting them earlier. I met her quite a few times when I was going to work and she asked me to meet up with Bianhong soon. I had too many loyal friends who were kind to me and I was being an ass friend.

They hosted me with great hospitality, except that Lucky took very long to stop the hostile barks. Both Lucky and Happy made me miss my dog, Jack, very much. They were of the same breed – Jack Russell. The dogs jumped onto the bed to sleep with us. Happy snored.

I dared not leave the house since Bianhong’s mum was sleeping in the living room and that the two dogs would make more noises. I was holding to my phone and slept only at around five AM and woke up in an hour’s time.

I wore Bianhong’s formal wear, including his leather shoes to work. Without my watch, key stick, laptop’s lock’s key, thumbdrive, I felt quite naked. The worst thing was when I realized one of the shoes was spoilt. Luckily I still had my jeans and informal shoes.

The day did not end early. I had to go for FYP meeting right after work.


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