Volleyball on a Saturday with Hangover

Last Saturday, I stepped onto the volleyball court again. I had been missing Saturdays’ sessions.

I was totally not in good condition to play but since I had promised my buddies that I would go down, I tried to keep my words.

I was busy with my phone and thus I left my house quite late. The hangover was still dwelling me and my head was spinning. My brain and body were partially numbed but some of them claimed that I jumped extremely high that night, and joked that I should have taken alcohol before any volleyball game in future.

I suffered an injury on my left ear when I went down to get the ball and Oliver dashed over in his usual childishness for the already lost ball. The pain stayed with me for many days.

That night, we went to East Coast Park’s Carl’s Junior where I had my late dinner. Initially they wanted to catch a movie but dropped the idea. I was quite worried that they purposely made the way down to the east just for the convenience of sending me home after that.


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