Volleyball – to my Limit

Yesterday morning, my bag was heavier than usual with my sports gears. I did my second set of chin-up for the week and had less two pulls than the previous day. Soon after I got back to the office, boss asked everyone to go down to carry some flip chart up and I was almost killed.

Lunch was quite frustrating for we planned to go to Bukit Timah food centre but Dorothy insisted to go to West Coast, and thus, we had some debate and almost had to go in separate ways. In the end, we overrode the opposition’s rule.

There was one western food stall sticking the “no western food available for the time being” notification and another one told me they were not ready yet. Luckily, there was a third stall. I had a plate of chicken cutlet and it was one of the softest cutlets I had ever taken. My stomach was further filled by the extra food ordered by them.

After lunch, Jingkun and I took Dorothy’s car towards Dunern Road to get some pastries, while the rest took Daniel’s car to get egg tarts at somewhere nearby. It started drizzling and the rain came down big on the way back to campus. I was very stunned to witness that Dorothy’s car’s front glass was so foggy that we could hardly see far under the rain. It was not long before I started to get dizzy. There was this little fear within me somehow.

Kumar and Alif were both inside the staff room. Kumar started making prank call to Salim and we had a good laugh over it. I checked the timetable and realized the lab was empty, and thus I packed up to open it for them. That was a good deed from me for the rest of their classmates started coming in soon, drenched by the heavy rain. They announced Bukit Timah was badly flooded.

I stayed inside the lab until after 6pm when everyone had finally left. I left the staff room together with my two bosses and got to hear interesting stories from them on the way down.

Kachua, Mingfa and I started off the evening by squeezing into Wilson’s car to watch the channel 8 show. It was our plan to not set up the volleyball net for the Filipinos who had been taking it for granted. However, Weitat arrived with Tony, Gin and Eugene and they went into the hall straight away, and thus we followed suit. We simply sat by the side and our plan worked.

This evening, there were fewer people, however, my side, together with two uncles, was enough to form two teams. They played seriously. I only got to play in the third game. My team was generally weaker than others and in my last game, it was worst. However, being “one of the star players”, I played serious and intensively with the Filipinos. Quanru uncle and his wife started asking why I played better than usual for the night. In fact, my legs were giving ways throughout the evening and I was simply testing my limits.

After volleyball, we sat by the side to cool down, leaving the court to the Filipinos again and our tactic worked. They tore down the net. I felt it was not a very tactical move since it appeared that we were the slackers.

Mingfa and Jingkun left earliest. The rest of us planned to go to Commonwealth for wantan noodle but Mr Peh invited us to join him near the Clementi MRT. After we got there, Mr Peh arrived with the Filipinos and I was quite “sian”.

After my late dinner, Kachua sent me home.


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