Another Hectic Friday

Yesterday was definitely a killer.

I did relief for Alex at 8am and my throat was worsened by the non-stop talking to impart the MS Access skill to the hardworking people. It happened that Alex was back at 10am and thus, I stayed with Jonathan to do another hell two hours of singing.

There were many tiny pieces of stuffs to do inside the office. I filled up a form to submit to UOW for the graduation, finding it so tedious and frustrating to go through the crap when they definitely had my details inside the database already. I could even get my students to pull the data out using MS Access queries, and I expected them to do a better job.

Lunch was alone again. I went down to the canteen to packet my rice back to the office before continuing my work. Next, I tried to scan the identification card and the printed and written form, but the desktop attached to the printer was a head nut. Chi Chiang brought me down to the administration office and I witnessed how pestering could help to get things done fast.

I was rushing back to office to take my medicine when I met Wei Ming who told me to go to the lab first to prepare for invigilation. I had the urge to give a tight slaps to some really sickening hopeless creatures.

Back to the office, I was still busy sending emails and boss talked to me. I promised to help him for another month but he suggested until end of March. The conversation was interrupted and we decided to continue the talk on the next Monday.

When Weiming suggested to leave, I quickly packed up while dropping my FYP-mates a reminder SMS. Then, both of us left together with Chenghong under the rain. Weiming alighted at Commonwealth MRT while Chenghong accompanied me until Dhoby Ghaut.

On the way, there was a china guy blasting his mobile phone music loud. There were many people of other races including foreigners around and I felt very ashamed of him as a Chinese. For a moment I gave him a stare but he reacted nothing. He got his ass out of the seat at Outram Park MRT station.

I met up with Andy at The Cathay before going to Plaza Singapura for dinner. The Indonesian chicken stall had long queue and thus I chose another stall which sold fried chicken with rice, kind of mini wok stuff, but it disappointed me. There were some kids in their early teens sharing the table with us, and I wondered how much pocket money they had, but they were definitely much more fortunate than me when I was at their age.

Andy and I enjoyed our sight on the way back to The Cathay. While waiting for the rest to come, I dozed off for a while after the hectic day. There was no news of Jeremy. Mr John came late but his presence certainly brought us to a clearer picture what the presentation would be like.

I reached home after 10pm.


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