Caught Movie Storm Warriors 2

Last Friday was a holiday, which was brought over for the previous Deepavali. I planned to get started with my websites but my younger brother dated me to catch the “Storm Warriors 2” movie.

I had my haircut at 10am in the morning and my mum insisted me to join them at the hawker centre after that.

In the mid afternoon, we set off to our auntie’s house at Kim Tian Road to fix her phone and brought her to Tiong Bahru Plaza for the show. My brother had a free ticket and my auntie had her elderly card while we had student cards, it only cost me $10 for three movie tickets.

We went to the foodcourt after getting the tickets. I felt cheated by the western food stall ran by two China guys for they offered student meal and an old man also managed to get it. The portion was little and the fish tasted badly. My brother got a bowl of ice kachang after queuing up for more than ten minutes since the same stall was ran by an auntie with “black” face, who had to settle the dim sum as well.

We went in early for the movie. The song was nice and the start of the show seemed quite promising until the cartoons were shown, and both my brother and I agreed it was a low budget film. I did not like the animation and especially the irritating sound effects. The writer certainly had no clue what to add on that the fighting part was dragged long, being over-stretched that both of us almost dozed off many times. In fact, I did blackout for a few seconds every now and then. It was much lousier than the first episode.

We got ourselves a packet of chicken from the Shilin stall before accompanying our auntie home. She insisted us to take the food she had cooked earlier on, which was a turn-off for me since I did not like fish head; moreover, I was still quite full from the late lunch and was extremely sleepy. After dinner, I dozed off on the sofa for probably around half an hour before going home.

Somehow, I blamed myself for not starting off with my websites.

After reaching home, I checked the street directory for the outing with Gilbert the next morning. Then, I rushed down to the NTUC supermarket to get six canned milo, and also got some ants traps. My younger brother was so excited to stick those traps all over the house, watching the irritating ants going in to bring the poison back to their hives.


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