Cute Girl in Purple Dress

On Thursday, my FYP team had our meeting with the supervisor for the last time. It was mainly to discuss about the PowerPoint for presentation.

I had taken leave and spent the entire afternoon working on flash. Somehow, it took me very long to start recapping it.

The meeting was held at the usual place and at the usual time. The only difference was that the girl-next-door staff, Alicia, was around.

I had a quick run-through of the draft PowerPoint slides with Mr John Lim and he left soon after. We continued with testing of setup and in the midst, I was badly distracted. A cute girl wearing a purple dress was at the shop next door. I did not expect much until she and her friends came in to get some drinks. I would consider it a lucky night for the sight even though it was just minutes of pleasure to the eyes. While we were leaving, I saw her sitting near the glass door.

Out of so many babes I had seen over at The Cathay Starbucks, she was the greatest to my liking, even though she was not extremely pretty.


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