Dragon Gate Restaurant and Iluma Shopping Centre

On Tuesday, lunch was quite stressful again. I was trying to rush my work inside the office when Dorothy announced to leave. I left my station and waited for around half an hour before we could move off. I really hated the time wastage. My designing work could never withstand interruption.

Daniel, Weitat and Jingkun were not around. Vivien, Mei Hoe, Mrs Grace Cheong, and I took Dorothy’s car to Harbourfront Centre to the Dragon Gate restaurant. It was Vivien’s farewell lunch. We started ordering while waiting for Mrs Seetoh and Mrs Lui to come, however, they seemed to take ages.

I found it weird to see young teenagers around and I assumed people were getting richer nowadays for I could not afford it when I was at their age. Anyway, some of the girls were cute.

After lunch, I joined Mrs Seetoh and Mrs Lui in case they got lost again. We walked over to Vivocity where they parked the car and made a few rounds inside the car park before we could get out. I was quite worried on the way.

After I got back to the office, I tried to do as much work as possible in my sleepy head. There was some progress but too much time was already wasted.

I had a dinner with Gilbert. We had not met up for long. I waited for him at Tanjong Pagar MRT station since it was drizzling and I decided not to go home to put down my stuffs or take a shower. However, before I saw the weather as I was taking the escalator up, I saw a sexy girl in her low-cutting dress and my eyes almost popped out. She was certainly a big distraction inside her office with her good looks.

I stood like a status neat the control station. I was so bored that I even went to top up my ezlink card.

We had dinner at a Japanese restaurant where the food was certainly to my dislike but the ambience was fantastic. I almost felt like throwing out after I realised the baked rice kind of food I ordered contained pasta. We also had a side dish which tasted like “hum jing peng” but with cheese inside. Gilbert insisted to give me a treat.

Next, he brought me to the Iluma, the newest shopping centre at Bugis. The design was quite trendy and scary. They had an escalator leading from the first storey to around the fourth storey, which I found it cool but dangerous; I would not recommend old people to use it. Most of the visitors were young people and a few shops were selling “ah lian” type of clothes. They had a cinema at the top level and I supposed I would visit it next time.

We walked around and I had a stomach upset and started using their toilet, which was well secluded. While doing my business, I could smell smoke.

We peeped into the Topman shop at Bugis Junction for a while before Gilbert went to get his buns and bread at the basement before making our way to the train station.


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