Family Day at Jurong East Swimming Complex

Sunday was family day again. My auntie came over in the morning and the whole family went to Jurong East Swimming Complex for a swim. We had fun. It was supposed to be a heavenly place for couples though.

The place was dark as expected with some China people. I only managed to see a couple of babes from far. The best thing was that all the visitors and lifesavers were all friendly.

We rented two floats and I was proud of my own judgement. We went for a few rounds of the lazy pool and eventually started trying on the slides. My face almost went pale when my younger brother pressed my mum to try the top slide and she actually gave it a go given her timid character. It was great to see her coming down without any problem.

It started raining after my mum went to wash up while we were waiting for the waves at the waves pool. It was an empty threat though. My brothers and I enjoyed the waves for almost fifteen minutes before we went to wash up. After that, it started pouring and we crossed over to the market for lunch.

My elder brother left us for his girlfriend. The nasi lemak I bought was a letdown. However, we had cheap fruit juices. After that, we went shopping at the provision shops nearby, almost finishing the last few dollar notes of my wallet.

My younger brother insisted to take bus again since he was using concession pass but he did not realise that we actually paid more overall for transiting instead of taking the train directly. The worst thing was to waste uncountable time in our exhausted bodies.

At night, we called for delivery, and luckily I had enough coins to foot the bill.


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