Final FYP Meeting

I had my final FYP meeting on Friday, the last day before the actual presentation.

I chose to go back to SIM since the lighting was better than Starbucks’ romantic ones, the seats are better for working and that nobody would chase us out. Lunch was at the canteen where I got to chat with the western food auntie again.

Soon Siong and Stephen took leave as well to meet up to complete the rest of the work together. We met another team and one of them told us of the deliveries to submit to shock us out of our lives. Our plan to finish everything by the evening was destroyed.

All the rushing almost wrecked my brain. We decided to stop the improvement of the main documents and quickly went down to the library to start printing, however, the printer played trick on us. I paid with my ez-link card and the machine was unable to refund. The photocopying shop was closed and we had to give up.

The canteen was closed and I had to cook my own noodle after reaching home.


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