First Working Day after

Monday was a total different day. It was the first working day after my studies finished. However, I did not feel much after being stressed for the entire year for my brain seemed to be numbed and my body had yet to recuperate.

Weitat was sick. I had lunch with Jingkun and Dorothy at West Coast and after that, we went to fetch Mei Hoe for dessert. The famous “Daily Scoop” at Sunsetway was closed and thus we moved on to IMM. I was not very interested for I had work to do in the office but did not want to dampen their mood. We went to Ajisen Japanese restaurant but switched over to Fish&Co.

Back to the office was a stressful time for me since I was supposed to touch up on a PowerPoint presentation, which some of the slides had the contents merged together, probably by external software, such that I could not edit.

I took a ride from Bernard to Dover MRT station.


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