FYP Presentation was over

It was my last struggle on Saturday morning to finish up all the work, including updating the site and flash video. I was nodding so badly since I had already exhausted myself the night before; and yet, I went off to bed after 3am again.

As expected, I could not wake up a couple of hours later. I was late but the waiting for bus 75 delayed my trip furthermore, such that I was late for more than twenty minutes. I went straight to the student lounge and waited there. While I was trying to setup my laptop to look at the PowerPoint slides, I realized I did not bring my adapter along and my laptop was the only one with PHP installed, which was required for presenting the website. Thus, I sat there without setting up my system, and did my best to recall the contents.

It was near nine AM when I started to message them. Soon Siong called and told me they were already at the third level. The setting up of the game using Ad-hoc network was problematic somehow even though we managed to do it easily at Starbucks a couple of times. The latency was bad. I tried to install PHP into Andy’s system but his MySQL did not seem to be working. We gave up on showing the site as my laptop failed to stay as the server to demonstrate the game, which was the most crucial part.

The assessors were not very interested in all the PowerPoint slides, which disappointed me since lots of efficient was spent. I did not want to skip the parts immediately since Mr Prem did mention a lot during the previous lecture and I thought I need to show him we had made drastic improvements; moreover, I was afraid that the entire presentation would end too early.

The setting up of the game was disastrous. The projector’s screen size turned the interface haywire. Somehow, the connection socket was not working well. Things were not within my anticipation. We wasted a lot of time on the preparation, but luckily, the assessors were not annoyed over it, or at least, they did not appear to. Mr Prem sounded more like trying to help us than to pinpoint us, but, his words had destroyed my hopes of getting a better grade completely.

We were deciding to go for lunch together but Andy dropped out since he had to go to find his girlfriend. Stephen suddenly decided to go off as well. Soon Siong and I ended up going to Clementi hawker to eat instead. I recommended him the famous chicken cutlet. After that, we took the train home. The lack of rest had provoked my backaches.

I tried to clear my emails at home before playing game, but I was too tired to stay conscious for long. In the evening, I went for a jog towards the Marina Barrage again using the Polar system. The strap attached with the device to measure my heartbeat went loose after a while and it made me very uncomfortable. Somehow, it caused problems to my constant pace for I tried to inhale more each time to stop the strap from slipping down. It somehow made my heart work harder to weaken it, and I felt discomfort on my chest to pace my way. After passing by the bus-stop nearest to Marina Bay MRT station, the strap slipped down. It was disastrous. I had to slowly adjust it when there were fewer people around.

Marina Barrage was as crowded as usual with couples, families and groups of friends; inclusive of babes. The strong wind dried me up soon but it did take a break for a short period of time. I sat there alone to watch all the happy faces till the darkness almost overwhelmed the entire sky. My mum gave me a call to tell me that she wanted to dine outside and thus I made my way back. This time, I fastened the Polar strap more. I was hot on my pace but somehow it was not as fast as what I had thought. When I was near the carpark near my place, I saw a babe from the manicure shop.

My mum and younger brother wanted to go to Bugis but we decided to stop at The Central where I met Christine. Then, we went to Billy Bombers after buying my mum Christmas present. We had some advantages since it was my younger brother’s birthday the day before and they had some promotions. The fish was less than what my younger brother had described but the strawberry milkshake was nice.

Date: 12/12/2009
Time: 18:23
Duration: 23:12
Calories: 311 kcal
Average Heartbeat: 176
Maximum Heartbeat: 197
Fat Burn: 00:54
Fitness: 22:18

Date: 12/12/2009
Time: 19:41
Duration: 22:29
Calories: 319 kcal
Average Heartbeat: 182
Maximum Heartbeat: 196
Fat Burn: 00:15
Fitness: 22:04


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