Health was Big Issue

Yesterday morning, I woke up having my left calf cramp suddenly after a normal little wake-up stretch, or rather, straightening of my legs. Luckily, the pain subsidized soon. I struggled for some time to decide whether which type of doctor should I visit – western or Chinese physician. Alas, I took the latter.

I was the third in queue, but before that, I was lectured by the cashier who told me that that was a charity organization and thus I should not have passed her a fifty dollars note for the four dollars registration fee but my wallet was already empty and there was nothing I could do.

The doctor said I was extremely “heaty” and that indeed I had flu. I went out quite soon to get my medicine, handing over the used empty bottle over to the pharmacist, who further nagged at me for not removing the previous label. Since more than ten years ago it was okay for them to paste new labels over the old ones and I was not sure of their new restriction, so much for disallowing recycling of the bottle months ago since the H1N1 outburst.

I went to report to work still after getting changed at home. Once I reached the office, I almost started to shiver under the air-conditioner and thus I had to move to an empty classroom again. It was in fact, too late, that my illness was already worsened before the shifting.

Lunch was together with Daniel, Dorothy, Jingkun and surprisingly, Chi Chiang. We went to West Coast hawker centre and I took chicken chop despite the “heatiness” inside my body. The meat was quite disappointing.

In the afternoon, I went to the lecture theatre for the briefing organized by the Fitness Department in regarding of the health improvement challenge. Actually, I was only interested in the results of the previous health screening. I was given a student trainer who could not escape my nose that he was a smoker. However, since he looked quite soft and nice, I did not want to make things difficult for him and thus, I did not say anything nor request for a change. The Polar watch loaned was quite interesting and I could not wait for my illness to be cured so that I could go for a jog using it.

I went for dinner with Mei Hoe. We went to the Clementi new shopping centre and decided to dine at Sakae Sushi. I did not feel good that Mei Hoe insisted to foot the bill again, saying that she was treating me as her god son. I did not want to owe anyone any favour no matter how close we were.

Anyway, she showed me her medical report, displaying the extreme low blood cells in her body to worsen my mood. She could have collapsed anytime. Worrying for anyone was the worst thing I would want to do after being drained off totally more than a month ago.

When I was reaching The Cathay’s Starbucks, I checked my phone and realized Andy had dropped me a message that he was not feeling well and thus would not be going down. Soon Siong and Stephen were already there and there was no sign of Mr John or Jeremy would come down, let alone to reply our emails. Seeing that I was weakened by the illness, both of them decided to call it a day soon.


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