Housekeeping Days – Windows 7

On Monday, the first day of my off days, I started packing my cupboard. Since my elder brother had gone to Malaysia for holidays with his colleagues and girlfriend, I was able to squeeze some spaces to open the cupboard and unload the stuffs.

I looked through the old lecture notes from my poly days and realised I had actually studied many things, which I had totally forgotten and not having a slight impression of them. Since the notes from UOW was all printed from softcopy, I threw them abandoned the hardcopies as well.

Due to my back problem, it took me long time to do my work with the intervals of rest. I even dozed off for long hours in the late afternoon and woke up feeling more tired than ever. Eventually, I finished three quarters of the packing and had to give up.

Day two was another busy day. I started configuring my younger brother’s laptop. It was my virgin try on Windows 7. Installing the software and transferring the remaining of the files on the office’s laptop lasted me for many hours.

My new baby was running on Intel Core 2 Duo CPU, T9400 at 2.53GHz with 4GB of memory. It was the lightest model since a year ago for 17’ inches laptops.

There were, however, many disadvantages. The graphic card could not even support Counterstrike Condition Zero well, let alone L4D which I was reluctant to try. The screen was dim and the sound was obviously not fantastic. I could feel the heat even after placing it on top of the fanning system. It had only three USB ports and all of them were at the right side. My brother had also warned me that the battery life could barely last over three hours.

At least, it was better than my office’s office in terms of RAM and weight (especially). The faulty HP laptop with auto adjustment of volume, refusing “alt” + “tab”, was more than a nuisance to work with. The BIOs problems forcing the draining of battery even when the system was off, killed my entire good impression for HP laptops.

Windows 7 was half an alien to me but I could see the great improvements. I was able to drag the folder upwards to the edge and it would maximum the window other than having to double click the window. The taskbar was neatly organised with all the similar items grouped together, displaying using rectangular icons instead of long bars; on mouse over, each individual icon would pop out nicely. The “quick launch” buttons were merged into the taskbar as well and I soon got used to it. For all the special folders such as “my document” and “my music”, I could see that they were classified under “library”, such that different folders could be added inside, but of course there was a default folder to be assigned.

I had problem with the installation of Photoshop CS3 due to the AVG antivirus. Following was the installation of PHP, which required the web server – either IIS or Apache. I was not confident at all since PHP did not seem to work well with Windows Vista. The other essential software are Microsoft Office 2007, MSN Live Messenger, Notepad++, Flash Renamer etc. I also set up the games.

In no time, I would be ready to strive all the way for my websites without worrying for the transferring and backing up of data files.


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