Jogged to Henderson Waves

I spent my Saturday very lazily again. Nobody was at home by noon and I could not set myself off to go down to get something to eat until around 2pm. I went to the nearest chicken rice shop, at level two, where Bianhong’s mum worked in. Fried chicken was already sold out and I had to get the white one. The three dollars lunchbox was filled with a lot of rice but the meat was almost half of normal chicken rice from other stalls. I supposed they would only attract one-time consumers.

Anyway, I started sweeping the kitchen after eating. Like usual, when my mum was overseas, I would wash the toilet. I could not stand dirtiness even though every area of my house was like garbage area most of the time. The backache during and after the clean-up was tearing me apart.

In the late evening, I stepped out of my house again for a jog. It was the first time I brought my ez-link card along with ten dollars cash for dinner. Adjusting the device from the Polar sports set was quite annoying. Like Weiming told me the day before, the strap looked indeed like bra strap and it looked awful when I was wearing a singlet, which I had to.

It was seven pm and I reached Tanjong Pagar Railway Station. It was the first time I was heading towards Henderson Waves, and also giving Marina Barrage a miss. The weather was cooling but threatening. The first traffic light was the one at the exit of AYE towards Keppel Road, where I had to pause for a while before dashing across so as to not obstruct the traffic with the green man light. Following was a straight path all the way until the interception from Bukit Purmei, where I had to pause again for the traffic. The longest pause was near the Seah Lm Food Centre at the entrance of the bus interchange.

By the time I reached the turn towards Henderson Road via Telok Blangah Drive Road, I was exhausted. The belt just below my chest was irritating me as it was going to slip down. Alas I made it to the stairs of the Henderson Waves.

Date – 05.12.2009
Time – 19.03
Duration – 25:11
Calories – 347 kcal
Average heart beats – 177
Maximum heart beats – 192
Fat burn – 1:10
Fitness – 24:01

My legs were weak and thus, it took me some time to climb the stairs up. The road was dark and quiet and I was glad to see people around. There were a couple of wedding photoshooting and most of the people were Malays. It started to drizzle and I walked to the other end of the bridge before moving back. I saw smokers and I could see how the place would be vandalized by the cigarette butts a couple of years later.

Thinking that I should take the opportunity to catch-up with friends, I sent Baharudeen a message but he was out of his house, probably celebrating his birthday. Then, I remembered Weirong was staying nearby as well and thus I contacted him. He drove his van over to the bus-stop and fetched me to Seah Lm Food Centre for dinner, where we had some great chats.

He sent me home after that.


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