Johor Bahru Trip with Brother

Yesterday, I woke up early to go to Johor Bahru with my younger brother and his two buddies. It was a last minute notice given by him just the night before.

We took bus 75 to change into bus 170 at Bukit Timah area and alighted at Woodlands Centre Road to shop around since his friends were late. After that, we took a long walk towards the checkpoint. Our first mission was to grab some movie tickets. Each of us paid $7.50 ringgits for the show Avatar, but the problem was that there was no 3D available.

We went for brunch and I had a plate of chicken rice. All of them, except me, was kissed by the mosquitoes, and that was probably why the chicken rice was sold at only $3 ringgits. We went to shop before the movie started and were late for it since we were waiting inside an optical shop.

Avatar was a good movie. The plot and effects were nice, however, the sound system of the threatre gave some problems.

After the nearly three hours show, we continued with a little shopping before having our dinner at Merry Brown. Then, we purchased the train tickets and did another round of shopping.

It was a better day for there was fewer people around to display the human beings’ disgusting acts such as squeezing, pushing and dashing like mad dogs. We waited for very long for the train to leave for the Woodlands checkpoint. Some old people screwed up the queue and the customer officer was very sarcastic to them.

We waited very long again for the train to leave again. It took us almost two hours for the journey, more of waiting. After arriving at the Tanjong Pagar railway station, my brother and I walked an old lady to the MRT station before turning home.


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