Johor Bahru Trip

On Sunday, I made my trip down to Johor Bahru with my family, including my auntie. We took train to Kranji MRT station before transiting to bus 170. The queue was long and thus we had to stand eventually at the bus. Somehow, we were standing near the exit where a weird lady was sitting nearby. She dropped something and while she could easily get it, she tipped me on my back to irritate me, without even thanking me to move away for her ugly and clumsy hand to pick it up. Before the bus stopped, she even tried to make my elder brother and I excuse for her to rush down to get reborn. My brother halted her action on purpose.

We went on to the custom and I was quite afraid that they would reject me since my passport was going to expire in around five or six months’ time. I managed to get through and we joined in the ugly queue for bus 160. The people seemed desperate like the previous time I went. We arrived at the Malaysia custom and the queue was shorter than before since it was a new place where more counters were set up.

The first thing we looked for was food. My younger brother suggested Kenny Rogers, where the waiter joined two tables for the six of us near the door. We decided on our food fast and when a waitress passed by, she pretended not seeing or hearing us and walked into the restaurant straight away without signalling or calling her colleague for assistance, and thus, we walked off.

We went to “Wang Kok” café and were lucky to get our seats soon. There was a waitress number 5 who looked like Anqi but definitely had better complexion. I spotted on the last page where they offered big bucket of tea for birthday celebration and since my younger brother’s birthday was just two days ago, we got the free filling drinks to keep my stomach bloated.

We went shopping and I got myself a belt and a box of underwear from the Reject shop. I did not change for Ringgits since my younger brother and mum had some leftovers, and I felt uncomfortable. Next, we took cab to the “new” shopping centre where the train station was by the side. It was very quiet and almost half of the shop spaces were empty. We were later told that the shopping centre was bought over by another company, changed name, and perhaps, some renovation was done. The only shop that impressed me most was the one selling posters. I was very tempted by a giant “The day after tomorrow” poster where some effects were added to display two views. We spent quite some time at the arcade. My brothers enjoyed the basketball game, which cost RM$1 each. The walking almost made my left foot cramp since I had a jog just the night before.

Next, we took cab to a hawker centre for our dinner. I was not really interested in seafood but all of them loved the cheap shell animals.

After dinner, we went back to City Square. My younger brother rushed to find his keyboard protector but could not find the one for the exact model.

We rushed to the train station. The counter had a new ticket machine and two people cut our queue just because we did not know about it. The new instruction was in Malay. Anyway, the train was late probably due to conductors checking the tickets of those who boarded the train at the stations before. The people were jamming up at the doors and there were even empty seats in the middle of the cabins. Those ugly people even refused to give way to passengers to go in and we almost could not board the train. When the train stopped at Singapore, all of them rushed out to grab their last meals. Luckily, most of the disgusting bastards and bitches were not taking the train to Tanjong Pagar railway station, hence, we were able to enjoy a better journey home.


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