Last Indoor Volleyball of the Year 2009

On Wednesday, I had lunch with Magdalene, Jingkun and Weitat at West Coast Plaza’s Thai Express. It was my second time having lunch with Magdalene, and also, at the exact same location. The food was great. After that, we went to the bubble tea shop for the $1 cheap drinks and once again, the girl placed the pearls in before I could stop her.

I hurried my existing work and had to wait for further instructions before continuing, thus I was able to do my own stuffs without any burden the first time in the past two years. It was a pity that the office had to close by 7pm.

I went down and saw students arriving for taekwando and I could sense problems. Uncle Jiaming had arrived and I started talking to him. Mr Peh arrived to solve the problem by requesting the coach to have the training outside the MPH instead.

Mingfa helped me to packet fish and chips over and it was instead lousy. The french fries were similar to botak Jones’ but they tasted much awful. After eating, I joined in their second game and it was an easy match to us. Everything turned over completely since Mingfa stepped out of the court and everyone was restless. We could never get back our forms even when Mingfa was back. My energy was optimised but I could only stroll around the court most of the time. In the last game, we finally regained some spirit. We had fun finally.

During a spike, my right calf cramped and I collapsed on the floor. I missed the next few chances to perform myself since I could no longer jump properly.

We went to Carl’s Junior at East Coast Park. For the second time, I felt dizzy after the travelling. I was afraid that I could not finish the set meal and thus, I chose not to eat for the first time.


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