Late Jog to Marina Barrage

Yesterday, I had a busy morning, doing tiny stuffs, such as a little clean-up of my table. I even tried to do up the timesheet for the current month since I would not be around at the end of the month.

I went for lunch together with Jingkun, Weitat, Dorothy and Daniel at West Coast hawker centre. I took half spring chicken. I got two cups of lime juice at the price of 70 cents each. It tasted diluted and Jingkun claimed that he tasted soap. I realised the fact that going for the queue was a better choice.

Weitat, Dorothy and I went to Sheng Siong supermarket for a while to get some chocolate as Christmas presents.

After going back to office, I continued with my work until mid afternoon, Daniel and Jingkun asked me to go for a short tea break together at the Mr Prata shop. I only took a cup of bandung.

I left office together with Cheng Hong but he had to wait at the bus-stop for his brother to fetch him, and thus, I went home alone.

As I was planning to leave the house, it started raining. I played game while waiting and lost the Command and Conquer game a few times while versus the computer one on one, and it created frustration out of me. It was 7pm and the rain had completely stopped, I left my house after a little packing up.

It was the latest timing I had ever left my house for a long jog. The sky was totally dark and the paths were quiet. I maintained my speed well and eventually got there with more energy reserved, even though I was not feeling well with my stomach.

There were three babes at the bus-stop and I regretted not going earlier. Since it was late, it was not as crowded as my usual trips, whereas most of the people left were couples and partially families. Near the lift was a group of friends who made more noises than others.

I lay besides the grass for more than twenty minutes to enjoy the breeze. I reached home at around 9pm and I was quite satisfied with the speed for the return trip.

It was a night of race against time. Blogging, replying messages and helping Gilbert with his photos caught me struggling hard. The main distraction was the Pets game in the site. My plan to finish off a section of the smoking site before sleeping was unfulfilled. I was trying to push the site to live without the programming parts.


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