Passed My Driving Basic Theory Test

Wednesday morning, I was relieved because there was no relief duty. Walking into the office was like torturing myself inside a big freezer without clothes on. Thus, I moved to an empty classroom to do my remaining studies for the basic theory test.

I received my new project before the holidays even started, which boss wanted me to work on when school reopened. Workload was far from what I was expecting. I decided to leave it for the next week after my test and FYP presentation before starting to reckon my brain.

Joy offered to send me over to BBDC for my test in the afternoon but I did not want to trouble her. In the midst of my meeting, she went to packet her lunch. Mei Hoe and Daniel went out without me since they thought I was not joining them as well. In the end, I went down to the canteen to packet my meal.

It started raining right before I was about to leave the office. I walked to Clementi MRT station like usual and took the train to Bukit Gombak station. It took me around twenty minutes for a slow walk over to BBDC. I waited outside classroom 1 where more people arrived. I was quite amazed with the number of bangala. I saw one of them using a very old book and I thought I was lucky enough to be using Kevin’s one, which he used three years ago.

The guy in charge of the room was very polite. We did the test with a touch screen monitor and I supposed someone who used the station before me had trained his fingers well that the surface of the monitor was rough. Before I could finish the test, a Chinese guy had left the room. A China lady failed her test and the staff had to explain to her that she had to get another test date. Whereby, when I was doing my checking for all the questions, the smelly Bangala besides me had not even finished half of the fifty questions. I clicked the “end” button to confirm that I passed.

I was not really surprised that I could do it since they allowed five out of fifty questions to be answered wrongly. I had passed my theory during my army days with perfect score, and the toughness was similar. Being the fourth person to walk out of the room, and probably the only one with a satisfied face, I was quite proud of myself.

I waited outside to get my PDL and witnessed a rude China man arguing with the counter lady, debating over her claim of him being rude. I was disgusted when he said that he was a PR.

I took the same route back to the train. It was yet time for me to relax myself, but at least I managed to take a little break inside the train, though I was standing all the way as usual.

My other worries after passing the basic theory test were the finding of private instructor and the advanced theory, which I had no clue about.


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