Second Visit to Sarah Home

Thursday was a full day holiday for me, and thus there was no pay.

After getting home late from Carl’s Junior, I did not sleep immediately as usual. I managed to wake up at 8am to visit the Chinese physician and she knew it easily that I had little sleep just by looking at my throat.

I left for Sarah Home before 10am and felt lost because the old batch of students were all absent. Weiming was still at IMM to do the shopping. The event was delayed since the person who planned it was not around and the few of them, being freshies, seemed lost.

After Weiming arrived with Mdm Seet in Mr Baey’s car, we started unloading the food and packing them. I could feel the pressure from the old people staying nearby; they approached to ask for the food which we had prepared for the forty elderly that the Interact Club was taking care of.

It was raining heavily and I made my way home before 1pm. Soon, I dozed off as expected from the extreme lack of sleep.

My family had gifts exchange before 10pm and I left my house at around 11.30pm to meet my buddies at Vivocity.


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