Teambuilding at ITE Club House

It was a tiring school holiday’s Thursday. Due to the teambuilding event, we had to report to ITE’s club house at the headquarter as early as 8am.

It was raining and was definitely a turn-off to travel. I took bus 196 and alighted right opposite Fairfield Methodist Secondary School where I started the long walk into the car park. I did not know the exact location of the club house and eventually made a little blunder to waste some energy.

I had my breakfast there and the food was quite good. The event was very well planned given the short time notice. I enjoyed sitting on the chair, looking at my favourite type of magazine – home decoration.

I saw hero for the day, someone who volunteered to contribute ideas and efforts; but I also saw bastard, someone who talked more than actions and made clown of others just to showcase himself.

We had quite a number of prizes consisting of food and vouchers.

After the event, I stayed behind to help out in moving the furniture back. Then, Daniel dropped Weitat and I at Commonwealth MRT station.

I dozed off at home and woke up late for volleyball. It was not a good night for the game. My brain was numbed and that the hurt on my right knuckle denied me from performing. The few of us ended the game shortly and Kachua sent me home.

I passed my CPU to him for him to check for the problem.


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