Tree Top Walk at Macritchie Reservoir

I was tremendously excited by the Treetop Walk at Macritchie Reservoir. It was planned since more than a year ago by Gilbert and I, but we were tied down by other commitments.

This time, we had my younger brother, Wanling and Jesslin. I told Wanling to sleep early, knowing I would not be able to do it myself. As anticipated, it took me some time to settle down and to blog, and I could finally sleep at around 1am.

It was a tough fight to wake up at 5am, and the battle lasted for some minutes before I got up to get prepared. Like usual, my younger brother and I missed the first train. We went to Ang Mo Kio to meet up with the rest of them even though we had direct bus over to Macritchie; it was for convenience sake since Wanling had not met Gilbert before and that we were not very sure of the exact bus-stop to alight.

It was simply less than ten minutes’ bus trip and we reached at 7am as planned. It was a long journey through the forest and we had no idea when the path would end. Alas we saw vehicles and eventually reached a country club. Since there were road signs, we were able to find our way without much problem.

Our resting point was at the ranger station. The urinal was flooded and before I could prepare the camera, two foreigners came in and I gave up the idea of taking pictures.

As we proceeded upwards again, we saw to our disappointment for we were too early for the bridge to be opened. We sat near the top of the stairs at the main road and there was a little cute boy who kept us entertained.

The 250 metres bridge was too short for enjoyment. Most people were simply crossing it fast and thus, we did not want to get into their ways and ended up not posing a lot for photos. After the walk, it was far long journey upwards and downwards, exhausting us badly. We reached the Juletong tower and enjoyed the breeze at the second top level under the shade.

After that, we passed by the golf course to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the reservoir right along the water.

We bid goodbye near the carpark. My younger brother and I missed bus 167 and waited very long for the next one. It was crowded and we could only find ourselves seats after Velocity. I dozed off on the bus and my brother told me the journey was almost one and a half hour.

It started drizzling upon we alighted. We went to the market to meet our mum for lunch. After bathing, my younger brother went out. I felt quite bad for he failed to catch his long sleep due to joining me for the trip, whereby I was able to rest after it.


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