Wednesday, Mute Again

On Wednesday, Jingkun, Weitat and I went to IMM to meet Dorothy for lunch. We settled on the Banquet food court. Daniel arrived with his students while Mei Hoe and Vivien joined us.

I targeted the western food stall for a plate of fish and chips and the stall holders were two China ladies. Her English was very frequent but her pronounce was worse than mine. It was the first time I was being asked whether I wanted mashed potato or fries for my fish and chips and she pronounced it totally way off that she had to use Chinese instead. It was not my fault for the next customer faced the same problem.

It was not a peaceful meal as usual, having to chew on the nasty fish, and hearing debates and people trying to battle each other on volume and ideas. Sometimes I really wondered if they had understood each other’s intentions after each conversation since they did not want to give way. At least, I knew Mei Hoe would not get the main point most of the time.

From Weitat’s car accident, we talked about car insurance and then human’s insurance, but it seemed to stretch further away. There were times when I tried to ask something, none of them heard me as usual. I was never interested in competing because it would only make things worse.

After lunch, a few of them were going to Giant to get stuffs for the next day’s teambuilding event and luckily Jingkun wanted to go back to the office to do work and thus I could follow his car back together with Mei Hoe and Vivien. If only I did not have any project on hand, I would have enjoyed the shopping with the rest of them.

Back to the office, I did a final touch-up of a design for PowerPoint and also helped Jingkun to solve some programming problems. Then, I joined Bernard’s car to Dover MRT station.


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