Course Advising at Zhenghua Secondary School

Yesterday, I had lunch together with Mei Hoe and Dorothy. I felt the stress at the beginning of the journey for their usual non-stop conversation. We had lunch at IMM foodcourt since my throat was not feeling well. The chicken rice I ordered was very disappointing.

After getting back to office, I left the campus again with Alvin Chan and the two students from QB, Alvin and Rachel. Luckily for them, I would not feel so bored. It was, however, a waste of trip down to Zhenghua Secondary since 98% of all their students could at least make it to polytechnic and thus, most of them were not interested in my beautifully designed brochure. The saddest thing was still about the folding of the brochures by the printing company.

I was surprised to hear the announcement of volleyball training. That was my greatest regret of the day for not asking Wilson earlier so that I could bring my gears along to join them. Alvin Chan sent the three of us to Choa Chu Kang MRT station.


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