Dinner with Happy Peiyun

I finally got to meet up with Peiyun again after years. Eleven years of friendship was fate too kind to me. We got to Boonlay MRT at almost the same time. She was kind, friendly and simple like usual. We had dinner at New York New York but I finally realised I would prefer Fish&Co after the dinner.

We walked around and she repeated her concern whether I was too tired or bored. She grabbed some clothes and by the end of the night, we went to Popular where she bought me a phone pouch to repay me for the dinner. I did not really want to get it since my current tearing one was bought by my younger brother and I would never feel good to dump it.

Comparing the meal and pouch, I would prefer getting the physical gift to being treated for dinner because the gift could last longer for good memorial; the food went into the stomach and would be forgotten in no time after flushing the toilet.

I felt very uneasy for not sending her home but I supposed she would be shyer if I were to do it.

This friendship I would cherish, for nobody I could think of could be kinder than her.


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