I almost Beat the Bus

I went for a jog near 7pm again towards marina barrage under the dark cloud after taking a bun and my medicine. I started off with my weak legs. It was already dark in the mid of my run and I could not catch the sunset.

It was quiet. Some groups of people were taking pictures by the sides and a couple of them stayed in the middle of the dark grass. I lay by the side of the grass to enjoy the breeze. The giggling sound of the girls in the darkness was far to judge whether if they were babes.

When I was on my way back, I was surprised to see that the bus-stop was not as vacant as expected. There was a girl who looked like princess. The bus was approaching. I was surprised that the bus did not catch up with me. I knew I was on a faster pace than usual and finally, the bus took over me just around two hundred metres away from the bus-stop nearest to the MRT station. Soon, I passed by the bus-stop and the alighted passengers were still waiting for the traffic light. The three girls seemed to be amazed by my speed, unless they were excited about those bangalas or Cheena workers near me.

I created a new record of return trip timing.


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