My Elder Brother’s Chalet

It was one of the chalets that I slept early. My brothers and my elder brother’s girlfriend were the only four persons inside the double storey chalet. My younger brother went up to sleep first and followed by the couple. I stayed at the ground floor to surf net using my younger brother’s laptop, network powered by the iPhone. It was still noisy after 1am and there was a sudden birthday song. I dozed off after 2am.

In the morning, the four of us went to the shopping mall to shop for some food at the NTUC. Then, we went to the food court for brunch. My younger brother and I took a set meal of eggs, bread and tea, and we also bought a plate of carrot cake to share.

Since we were entitled four tickets to the Escape Theme Park and I made my virgin trip there. We tried both the Go Kart courses before going into the haunted house. We decided to go back later in the day for other games.

My younger brother and I dipped into the pool under the hot sun. The stamp for re-entering the Escape Theme Park was washed off by the water soon. Even though we tried to stay under the small shaded area, I felt the pain of sunburnt by the end of the day.

My mum arrived with my elder brother’s friends, with the fried mee hoon and curry. In the evening, my younger brother asked my mum and I out to the seaside for a walk and I regretted not bringing the camera along. We went back in around half an hour’s time and camped at storey two, where my younger brother and I had a game of Command and Conquer again.

The guests were impressed with the frame made by my brother to place the cupcakes. The cupcakes were quite disappointing in terms of the size, the holder and taste.

Since I did not know most of the guests, it was quite boring until I started playing with a baby together with my mum and younger brother.


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